Bikes in Action

What can these bikes do?
Serious business

Flat Bed carrying the load

When presented with the problem of a broken boat trailer, the Flatbed bike did the job of transporting the rubber boat with motor down to the harbour.  Not a single issue was present in loading, transport, and unloading of the boat.

Two Seater Convertible: multipurpose

A friend received a set of 38” jeep tires and needed them placed on the rims that were waiting at the Auto Garage.  The two seater convertible took the tires there quickly.

Tunna Bike makes work easier

Rather than have to ask the shop owner for water or look for a water connection, this bike brings the water and equipment with it.  When done the bin can be liften and dumped like a dump truck.

Box Bike: protects and transports

The box container bike provides enclosed security for all kinds of materials: Beer kegs, furniture, tools, and more

As shown above the applications for each bike are many

Businesses such as local airports, sports clubs, bakers, camp grounds, and even private citizens have already put our product to great use